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The historic town of Hythe in Kent is picture postcard perfect and home to the Nutmeg Cafe. Kite surfers out in the bay, the sea gently lapping against the pebbled shore, lush green open spaces and trees arched across walkways, like leafy parasols for sun-dappled strolls.
Meandering serpentine between the cottage-dotted hillside and the ocean is the Royal Military Canal. Built in 1804 to protect the area from invasion during the Napoleonic Wars, the canal stretches 28 miles through the Kent countryside. Nowadays it’s patrolled by swans, ducks, the occasional heron, and people in wooden boats out for an afternoons gentle rowing along the scenic waterway.
The beating heart of the town is the High-street. Crooked medieval and Georgian buildings huddle together. Their pretty windows tempt you inside, to where chocolatiers master their art and antique shops and boutiques offer the best of what is old and new. Local pubs welcome strangers like long lostfriends and independent shops thrive.
And nestled in the middle of it all is The Nutmeg Café. The comforting aroma of fresh ground coffee infuses the air and welcomes you in, weaving its magic to put you instantly at ease. Gentle music, the clink of china and the low hum of good conversation envelope the soul, while fresh food and homemade cakes cast restorative spells on even the weariest traveller.
Hot silky coffee on lips, forks sinking into voluminous sponge cakes and soft poached eggs with golden yolk rivers that flow over wilted spinach: a sprinkling of Nutmeg magic happening at every table. Children play with toys and read books from the toy chest while their parents relax. Be it an escape from the hubbub of the High-street or a cosy sanctuary in which to meet friends, there’s a place for you at the Nutmeg.
The wooden tables and chairs and the vintage dresser have all seen a life before but have found their home at the here, along with the cushion festooned window seat and the sink-in-sofa.The walls are bedecked with paintings by local artists and shelves bulge with jams and oils and chutneys from nearby producers. The Nutmeg’s rustic charm and warm friendly ambience offers solace to all who enter.
Don’t be a stranger, come and experience a little bit of Nutmeg magic for yourself.

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